Anti-Cellulite Treatment

 - Anti-Cellulite Treatment


CELLUCARE is indicated in the reduction of subcutaneous fatty deposits localised depending on individual needs to correct the shape of the silhouette and reduce the appearance of orange peel.

Composition: Hyaluronic acid + High reducing cellulite complex.
For arms, abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees




What is cellulite?

In basic lay terms, cellulite is the enlargement of fat cells due to combined poor lymph drainage and vascular problems. This effectively causes water retention and ultimately the golf ball effect of cellulite. As water is retained the fat cells stretch within the skin’s connective tissue. Over time the connective tissue will start to contract forcing the skin to become non-flexible. The surrounding tissue will still be susceptible to expansion and contraction through water or weight gain, which results in the visibility of cellulite.

People of all ages and sizes complain about the lumpy and bumpy appearance of cellulite and the problem is not exclusive to those that are classified overweight.

How does CelluCare treat cellulite?

CelluCare relies on the mesotherapy technique to administer active ingredients to reduce and eliminate the symptoms of cellulite. Mesotherapy is a technique whereby multiple superficial injections are administered into the skin; the treatment is quick and with only mild discomfort if any at all.

CelluCare treatments at Best Laser Room consist of 3-7 treatments at one-week intervals. Treatment sessions last 15 minutes and you can continue with your day. The reason for the treatment duration is because CelluCare’s unique formula addresses cellulite reduction and elimination by attacking four distinct stages:

  • Improving blood flow into the affected area
  • Dissolving excess fat deposits
  • Removing fibrotic, hardened connective tissue
  • Improving the lymphatic drainage

What makes Cellulite?

Cellulite occurs when the collagen fibres are unable to hold the fat cells in place.

This can happen when:
• Fat cells become enlarged.
• The integrity or strength of the fibres is insufficiently strong to contain the fat cells.

When the above occurs, the fat cells push on the existing collagen fibres that are attempting to hold them in place. Since the collagen is not flexible the only direction where there is some give – is towards the surface. The fat cells will always move towards the area of least resistance.

When the pressure is directed upwards, this action results in the bumps and indentations we recognize as Cellulite.

Causes of Cellulite:
• Genes you Inherited
• Ageing Process
• Sedentary Lifestyle
• Poor Circulation
• Hormone Changes
• Lack of Muscle Tone


Is Cellulite more common in women than men?

Cellulite affects women more than men. The key reason for this is hormones and the fact that women have less connective tissues than men. In addition, female collagen fibres run from top-to-bottom (for the most part). Males, on the other hand, have fibre’s that form a lattice-like shape. The ‘x’ shapes enjoyed by men resist pressure from fat cells better. The up-and-down fibres shared by women that contain fat cells, only have two sides – making them less capable of storing swollen fat cells.


Where does Cellulite occur most often?

Cellulite occurs most in the areas of the body where the most fat is stored. For women, this is around the thighs and buttocks. It can also be found elsewhere in the body including the stomach, upper arms, and back.


Cellulite Prevention.

The bad news is that Cellulite may be impossible to prevent completely. This is because of how our physiology changes as we age and that age-old x-factor of genetics. The good news is that several factors have been identified as useful ways to help prevent and diminish it.

These include:

• Eating healthy – A varied balanced diet full of fresh vegetables, healthy proteins, fibre and low on sugars, additives, and processed foods.
• Maintaining a healthy body’ weight – A healthy Body Mass Index helps ensure that your stored fat cells stay put and remain ‘normal’ sized.
• Keeping Active – Getting fit and staying toned reduces unnecessary fat, furthermore, it increases circulation and assists in your body’s natural elimination processes.
• Stay Hydrated

Water is important to keep your bodies connective tissues strong.

Why Cellulite has been difficult to treat, until now…

The multiple factors that contribute to cellulite and poor understanding of how it is formed have made it difficult to treat in the past. Approaches that zeroed in on eliminating toxins, wearing compression garments, tight wraps, or simply using a cream have proved to be ineffective. Research focusing on Cellulite has continued and positive results are being documented that employ non-invasive Aesthetic procedures. SAI is proud to offer treatments that eliminate Cellulite by utilizing refined and enhanced technological tools. Are you ready to say goodbye to your unwanted cellulite? Say ‘Hello’ to smooth skin with CelluCare treatment options.

Fight Cellulite with CelluCare Mesotherapy.

We all know and hate cellulite, and many remedies have come on to the market that has promised the world and failed to deliver. This is because no treatment has yet tried to treat both the skin and cellulite and fundamental causes of cellulite.

We believe we have found the perfect solution and are proud to announce their continued research and development into the field of cellulite treatment.
By working on all four levels of cellulite production CelluCare we can treat long established cellulite or newly formed cellulite quickly and effectively.

If you are interested in cellulite removal then please make an appointment now to get a free consultation with our therapist.