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Hello, my name is Irina Lewis.


I am a beauty professional with over 25 years of experience:

Started in Russia and over 10 years in the UK including working full-time on Cruise Liners

My ultimate desire to concentrate on Laser Hair Removal Therapy came from the realization of huge and rapidly growing demand LHR on the market.

For most women, and many men, removing unwanted hair is an essential beauty and personal hygiene need. Whilst personal shaving and creams are used by many to remove hair, for many years a lot of beauty clinics have offered a professional waxing service. This is an effective method, however in order to remain hair free needs repeating at regular intervals of maybe 4-6 weeks for the rest of your life.

I do have a fantastic solution for you!

It will save you a huge amount of time and money shaving and waxing!

Painless hair removal method is a simple, pain-free, one-stop solution for a truly effective hair removal uses groundbreaking technology.