The Smooth System Hair Removal

 - The Smooth System Hair Removal

THE SMOOTH SYSTEM was created after years of development by industry
professionals. There was a niche in the market for a professional hair removal treatment
that would remove blonde and dark hairs, cause little or no pain, be time effective and also
give long term results. The Smooth system gives you all of these things and can be used on
any skin colour, hair colour or gender.

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What is The Smooth System

The Smooth SystemTM is a treatment that offers long term hair reduction on all colour hairs including blondes! The hair is removed immediately, leaving the skin not only hair free but super soft too. So much more than just a hair removal treatment, it will leave the skin exfoliated, fresh and glowing all in one treatment. No more makeup and skin sticking to the hair on your face. The treatment is relaxing and even pain free, a relaxing massage can be incorporated into the procedure as well, to give you that extra bit of pampering . A course of treatment is recommended to achieve long term removal and in many cases the hair does not grow back, or grows more slowly and much shorter. It is difficult to say if the hair will grow back, as everybody’s physiology is different. By purchasing the clinically proven ‘Stop It’ hair retardant product, you can continue getting the best results from your treatment, and with Jojoba as a main ingredient the skin will be super hydrated and very soft. The Smooth System can be used on all hair colours and types, and is particularly good on the finer more fluffy hairs. Think face, belly, lower back, arms, nipples, neck, ears.

THE SMOOTH SYSTEM consists of 5 compatible products for the purpose of long term hair removal.

Courses range from 6 to 12 treatments, followed by 4 top up treatments per year. Using the ‘Stop It’

Hair Reduction Creme maintains results for longer. Although a full course is recommended for long term

reduction, THE SMOOTH SYSTEM also allows for one-off treatments, with clients returning for more

treatments as the hair grows through. In between salon treatments it is advised to use THE SMOOTH

SYSTEM retail products to enhance results.

How does The Smooth System work?

The Smooth SystemTM works by mixing the Remove and Smooth powder into a paste and then applying it to the skin. This will raise the PH of the skin and the active ingredient will then break down the protein in the hair and skin, therefore removing the hair completely and removing the surface of the dead skin cells. Product will penetrate down to the hair bulge where it will damage the hair follicle over time, stopping the cells from reproducing therefore reducing the hair growth, and in many cases removing the hair completely.

The benefits

A course of THE SMOOTH SYSTEM is a relaxing and enjoyable experience,
without the need for razors, lasers or strong smelling creams!


Long term results

Cost effective

No distinctive odour

Can treat all skin colour

Can treat all hair colour

Enjoyable relaxing treatment

Safe treatment, eliminating risk
of hypo pigmentation

Does not stimulate hairs to grow after

Very effective for PCO sufferers, and
helping with acne and scarring all in one

Does not cause in-growing hairs,
it treats them

Can be used with other forms of hair
removal treatments

Can be used alongside laser hair removal
to remove the fine or blond hairs that
laser can’t treat

Smooth and Remove has been clinically
tested using the Antera camera to
measure wrinkle reduction, skin texture,
pigmentation, acne and scarring


The Smooth System was tested
over a 57 day period with 8 subjects
on a range of different test areas.

The following improvements to
skin smoothness in a 6.5mm
diameter area were found…

on skin smoothness

Varying Between

Facts and Information

What if the hair on my chin is coarse but the
sides are fine?


We would recommend The Smooth System on the
finer hair and laser or electrolysis on the coarse hair.

Are there any side effects?


The skin on the face can be tickled a little pink after
treatment, this is how we like to describe it! But on
the whole you should just be glowing, sometimes on
rare occasions the skin can become hot and feel like
it’s sunburned, but this is rare and advise will be given
should you need it.

Can I have a tan?


As long as you have been out of the sun for a week, you will be fine for treatment. Although we will still recommend to use SPF40 after treatment and keep out of the sun for a few days.

Pre and post care instructions

Do not go in the sun or on a sun bed for
72 hours before or after treatment.

Blonde hairs can be treated

Can treat darker skins

Pain free

Good for PCO sufferers

Does not stimulate hair growth

Long term results

Leaves the skin soft and smooth

Can be used with other forms of hair
removal treatments

Price List

The Smooth System Hair Removal

Treatment Sessions
Area 1 6 12
Upper Lip £40 £200 £380
Chin £60 £300 £550
Sideburns £60 £300 £550
Neck (front or back) £80 £400 £570
Forehead £80 £400 £700
Upper lip + chin £100 £500 £950
Half face (beard) £200 £1000 £1400
Full Face £250 £1250 £2200
Full Arm £300 £1500 £2700
Knees £200 £1000 £1900
Low leg £300 £1500 £2700
Thights £400 £2000 £3800
Fingers £50 £250 £475
Toes £50 £250 £475
Hands or feet £80 £400 £570
Low Back £300 £1500 £2700
Buttock £220 £1100 £2100
Upper Back £300 £1500 £2700
Full Back £400 £2000 £3800
Abdomen £300 £1500 £2700
Underarm £100 £500 £900

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