Elgydium toothpaste teeth sensitive 75ml


daily dental bucco and protection of sensitive teeth hygiene

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Indications: toothpaste Gel at fluorinol. dental Oral Hygiene daily and protection of sensitive teeth (in contact of food hot, cold or when brushing).

Tooth sensitivity translates to pain that can occur in contact of food hot or cold, when brushing or descaling.

ELGYDIUM sensitive teeth is a soft and mild abrasive toothpaste gel; it preserves the particularly fragile surfaces of the teeth sensitive. flavored with Mint, it provides a pleasant sensation of freshness

Operating tips: regular Brushing of the teeth and the gums with a toothbrush extra flexible. use of at least 2 times per day is recommended.

Composition: Fluorhydrate hydrofluoride 0.850 g is 1,250 ppm of ion fluoride Fluorinol, 4 mg gel, aroma, 100 g chlorhexidine digluconate.

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