Laser Hair Removel

Stop worrying about the constant upkeep and start Enjoying the freedom of silky smooth skin all year-round.


People have many different reasons why laser hair removal is the treatment suitable for them, this may be PCOS or the menopause – whereby hormone levels cause excess hair growth that can cause low self-esteem and embarrassment. Also, laser hair removal encourages the hair to grow straight, so it’s a great solution for ingrown hairs. Many of us have some unwanted hair, but laser removal can be especially helpful if you:


  • Have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)


Many women with PCOS find that they have to shave their faces, often as much as twice a day. This can lead to stubble and painful rashes.


  • Are going through the menopause


Like PCOS, the menopause can cause embarrassing excess hair growth due to changes in hormone levels.


  • Have ingrown hairs


Laser hair removal encourages the hair to grow straight, drawing ingrowing hairs away from the skin.


Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses a laser to remove unwanted hair.


During laser hair removal, a laser beam passes through the skin to an individual hair follicle. The intense heat of the laser damages the hair follicle, which inhibits future hair growth. Laser hair removal is very effective and painless procedure for man and woman with any skin type and most effective who have light skin and dark hair.


The process requires a series of treatments, but results can be seen after just the first time, proving how effective even just the initial treatment can be. With every treatment you’ll progressively see fewer and fewer hairs return. Finishing the entire series of treatments is crucial, as that ensures that you see the highest degree of permanent hair reduction.



Benefits of laser hair removal


  • Reduce ingrowing hairs
  • Permanent hair reduction
  • Smoother skin
  • Less irritation to the skin
  • No more shaving or waxing!
  • Reduces excessive hair growth (PCOS)



Patch test required for Laser Hair Removal procedure


Please be remember that LHR Not suitable for you if.


You are pregnant, suffer from vitiligo, diabetes, herpes, history of keloid scarring, lupus, excessively dry skin, hyper pigmentation, active eczema, psoriasis, skin cancer or epilepsy.


Certain medications and herbal treatments which cause photo- sensitivity will also preclude you from having laser hair removal.


You should make sure that the area to be treated is clean and shaved. It is vital that you do not remove any hair from the root in the run up to your treatment, so no plucking, epilating or waxing. This is because the root is needed for the laser to do its job.


Please note that you must thoroughly shave the area to be treated the evening before your appointment.


What is Soprano ICE Platinum?

Soprano ICE Platinum is the latest generation of the award-winning Soprano laser hair removal system. It is the most complete and effective laser hair removal system available today. Celebrating 10 years of award-winning success, Soprano ICE Platinum is the limited edition platform for 2016 featuring trio clustered diode technology. The Platinum edition combines 3 laser wavelengths into a single innovative handpiece, simultaneously targeting different tissue depths as well as anatomical structures within the hair follicle.

How does laser hair removal work?

Light from the laser is delivered gently and safely to the root of the hair. The root is heated to 45 degrees celcius which damages or destroys the base of the follicle and seals the capillaries so that it can no longer produce more hair. It does not damage the surrounding skin area and is totally pain-free.

Is hair removal with Soprano ICE Platinum really painless?

Soprano ICE Platinum uses Alma Laser’s SHR method, which is the only clinically proven method of laser hair removal that is virtually painless. The unique heating and energy delivery method effectively damages the hair follicle while preventing injury and pain to the surrounding tissue. At the same time, integrated ICETM tech cools the skin surface, preventing superficial burns and the sensation of pain.

Can all skin types be treated?

Yes, with this new technology we can reduce hair types which could not be successfully treated in the past. Your therapist will advise you during your consultation. We can also treat tanned skin, previously unavailable, which means that you are not restricted in the timing of your plan.

Is hair removal with Soprano ICE Platinum safe?

Absolutely. Soprano ICE’s SHR method has been proven in multiple clinical studies as the safest method of laser hair removal for all skin types. With SHR, hair follicles are damaged not by a single pulse of high energy which can injure the skin, but by repetitive short energy pulses. These pulses produce heat build-up which gradually raises the temperature of the dermis to the level needed for preventing hair growth, while minimizing the risk of burns.

Is hair removal with Soprano Ice Platinum safe for dark skin?

Yes. While the melanin in dark skin is exponentially more sensitive to the heat used in laser treatment, Soprano ICE’s SHR method has been clinically proven to be the safe for dark skin types. Rather than exposing the hair follicle to a single high energy pulse which can cause trauma to skin with a high melanin count, SHR gradually heats the skin until the required heat energy is delivered to the hair follicle. This makes SHR the safest laser hair removal option, including for dark skinned patients.

How many treatments do patients typically need in order to see a results?

Depending on the patient’s skin and hair type, results are typically seen following minimum 6 to 8 treatment sessions.

What types of hair color and skin color can be treated with laser hair removal?

While laser hair removal can be performed on virtually any skin colour and hair type, hair colour is the most important factor. The light emitted from the laser is attracted to the melanin, or dark pigment, in the hair follicle. This means that dark hair is treated most effectively. Treatments performed on red, blonde, and grey hair are not generally as effective. Our multiple laser modalities at each Ideal Image location, allow us great versatility for accommodating the wide variance in hair and skin colour.

Does laser hair removal permanent?

Although laser hair removal effectively slows hair growth, it does guarantee permanent hair reduction up to 90% It typically takes multiple laser hair removal treatments to provide an extended hair- free period. Periodic maintenance treatments might be needed as well.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

Laser hair removal requires a series of treatments to be effective. There are no short cuts to this process. Each treatment removes a progressive percentage of the hair until ultimately the skin becomes smooth and hair free. Ideal Image accurately prices its treatment packages thru completion of the process, and beyond. You’ll be happy to know we offer the best treatment package in the country. We recommend a free consultation to make sure we customize the right amount of treatments for each of our guests. We have several different payment options to fit your personal situation, which makes removing unwanted hair easy and affordable for EVERYONE!

LHR Prices


Treatment Sessions Treatment
Area 1 6 8 Time
Nose £50 £250 £300 15 min
Earlobes £50 £250 £300 15 min
Upper Lip £50 £250 £300 15 min
Forehead £55 £270 £320 15 min
Chin £55 £270 £320 15 min
Sideburns £55 £270 £320 15 min
Сheeks £60 £300 £360 15 min
Jawlane £60 £300 £360 15 min
Neck (Front or Back) £80 £400 £480 15 min
Upper Lip, Chin £90 £450 £540 15 min
Half Face or Beard £120 £600 £720 30 min
Full Face £150 £750 £900 30 min

Upper body

Treatment Sessions Treatment
Area 1 6 8 Time
Nipples £66 £330 £390 15 min
Hands or Fingers £66 £330 £390 15 min
Navel Pubis £66 £330 £390 15 min
Underarm £80 £400 £480 30 min
Abdomen £100 £500 £600 30 min
Upper or Lower Arms £100 £500 £600 30 min
Shoulders £120 £600 £720 30 min
Chest £120 £600 £720 30 min
Full Arm £150 £750 £900 45 min
Whole Back £150 £750 £900 45 min

Lower body

Treatment Sessions Treatment
Area 1 6 8 Time
Toes £66 £330 £390 15 min
Peri-Anal £90 £450 £540 15 min
Feet, Toes £90 £450 £540 30 min
Bikini Line £100 £500 £600 30 min
Brazilian or Hollywood £130 £650 £780 30 min
Hollywood, Peri Anal £160 £800 £960 30 min
Lower Legs inc Knees £160 £800 £960 45 min
Tights £160 £800 £960 45 min
Full Legs £220 £1100 £1320 60 min
Full Legs inc Feet, Toes £250 £1250 £1500 60 min

Women's special packages

Treatment Sessions Treatment
Area 1 6 8 Time
Any Bikini, Peri Anal, Underarms £220 £110 £1350 45 min
Any Bikiny, p/a, u/a, Lower Legs £300 £1500 £1800 60 min
Any Bikini, p/a, u/a, Full Legs £400 £2000 £2400 75 min
Full Legs, Arms, u/a, Bikini, p/a, Navel Line £500 £2500 £3000 90 min
Full Legs, Arms, u/a, Bikini, p/a, Butt £600 £3000 £3600 120 min
Full Body (Top to Toes inc Face) £900 £4500 £5400 180 min

Men's special packages

Treatment Sessions Treatment
Area 1 6 8 Time
Chest, Abdomen £250 £1250 £1500 45 min
Back, Shoulders £300 £1500 £1800 45 min
Back, Shoulders, Upper Arms £380 £1900 £2280 45 min
Back, Shoulders, Full Arms £440 £2200 £2640 60 min
Back, Chest, Abdom, Arms, Shoulders £600 £3200 £3600 90 min
Full Body £900 £4500 £5400 200 min

BLR Membership Club

Elite - £5000

Exclusive benefits:


  • 2 Years membership
  • Providing 24 laser hair removal treatments
  • 12 Sessions per year / 1 session per month
  • Create your own package include any area (face / body)
  • That you would like to be treated within up to 90 mins per session

Super Star - £6000

Exclusive benefits:


  • 2 Years membership
  • Providing full body laser hair removal up to 24 sessions
  • 12 Sessions per year / 1 session per month

VIP - £7000

Exclusive benefits:


  • 3 Years membership
  • LHR treatments up to 13 sessions per year on any area of the face and body for 2 years
  • Unlimited top ups for the next 1 years
  • 10% Discount for any product from BLR shop
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